Brian Charles Hill
228 Diamond Street
San Francisco, CA 94114-2450
+1 415-577-3279
fax: +1 415-897-6816


I am interested doing UNIX system administration and architecture with an emphasis on scalable operations.


Owner, BCH Technical Services, LLC, Novato, CA - 1991/6 to present
  • Deploy centralized system management services and provide on-going maintenance
  • Security analysis, performance tuning & monitoring
  • Expert troubleshooting and special projects support
  • Clients with a wide variety of needs
UNIX Consultant, Zonelabs, Inc., San Francisco, CA - 2003/9 to 2004/3
  • overhauled external mail gateway systems to improve perforance, reliability and reduce spam - all with free software
    • installed the latest sendmail for flexibility and proven track record handling mail.
    • configured sendmail with SASL/SSL and DRAC to authenticate roaming users in conjunction with qpopper and wu-imap
    • MIMEDefang Milter used to remove dangerous attachments (e.g. .exe's, .bat's)
    • 3 blacklists (called from sendmail) and SpamAssassin (called from MIMEDefang in multiplexor mode) used and extensively confiugred to blocks over 95% of incoming spam
    • wrote spam reporting tool in perl
    • File:Scan (called from MIMEDefang) used to successfully block 99% of all virusues
    • worked thrrough numerous post-deployment issues relating to blocked mail - all worked out with configuration changes and no increase in spam/virus throughput
    • integrated all software and configuration with existing centralized rdist infrastructure that I set up here last year (see client references in references attachment)
  • developed Red-Hat Linux rollout fully integrated with existing centralized rdist infrastructure
Senior Systems Administrator, Ecast, Inc., San Francisco, CA - 2003/2 to 2003/7
  • Played key role in merging UNIX operations from two companies into one
  • Played key role in opening of new colocation facility, merging from two existing facilities
  • Extensive security performance tuning/monitoring
  • Deployed my standard centralized system management infrastrucure.
  • Support C, C++ and Java developers and related tools, gcc, cvs, gdb, etc..
  • 30 SunOS 5 (Solaris 2) systems and 20 users
Senior Systems Architect, LookSmart, Ltd., San Francisco, CA - 1999/2 to 2002/3
  • Played key role in the opening of 3 colocation facilities.
  • Apache web servers with ATG Dynamo with millions of hits per day
  • Extensive security performance tuning/monitoring
  • Deployed my standard centralized system management infrastrucure.
  • Support C, C++ and Java developers and related tools, gcc, cvs, gdb, etc..
  • 170 SunOS 5 (Solaris 2) and Linux systems and 300 users
Lead Systems Administrator/Architect, University of California, Davis (various departments - ask for references) - 1987/10 to 1999/7
  • 300 UNIX ssytems (mostly SunOS 4, SunOS 5, HP-UX and Digital UNIX) and 30,000 users
  • Centralized system management development of all configuration, including DNS, sendmail, logins (using LDAP), NTP, etc. with USC rdist, m4, ksh and perl
  • UNIX/VMS/DOS/MAC consulting, instruction and programming, for staff, faculty and students.


Complete, Comprehensive UNIX System Administration
  • Extensive experience with SunOS 5 (Solaris 2), Linux (RedHat), HP-UX, Tru64 (Digitial Unix), and Ultrix, AIX, BSD, Irix, SCO
  • Considerable VMS, BSD and Dynix/ptx experience, and substantial Microsoft Windows & MacOS experience
  • Extensive interoperability work between UNIX and other operating systems
  • System administration - user management, file systems (Veritas Volume Manager, Sun Solstice Disk Suite), printing, software installation and licensing (FlexLM, Elm), backups (amanda, Veritas Netbackup, Veritas Backup EXEC, and Legato), security & performance
  • Design - complete strategies for heterogeneous, distributed, single-point of management using all bundled and free tools, including NIS, NIS+, NFS, USC rdist, m4, perl, automounter, xdm, syslogd, sendmail, amanda, identd, tcp wrappers and a suite of fully portable Korn Shell (ksh) scripts for configuring printing, log management and more.
  • Hardware configuration - installation and configuration of cards, peripherals (including printers, disks, cdroms, tape drives monitors, and more) and kernel rebuilds.
Network Services Management
  • DNS & sendmail specialist, plus NFS, NIS, NTP, INN, POP3, IMAP, SNMP, HTTP servers (Apache) and more - site-wide, highly tailored, heterogeneous setup, operation & troubleshooting.
  • Routing experience - router configuration, host routing using gated and mixed protocol networks.
  • Experience with Microsoft Windows NT/2000 system management.
Programming, Applications and other Specialties
  • Extensive C, Korn/C Shell, considerable Perl and HTML programming- experience w/, DCL, Fortran, and SQL.
  • Extensive data tape manipulation - ASCII, EBCDIC, ANSI-labeled tapes - "I can read any tape."
  • Instruction - beginning UNIX/VMS, intermediate UNIX in large class and one-on-one tutorials.
  • Experience with Microsoft and other desktop applications
  • Brian C. Hill, "Priv: Secure and Flexible Privileged Access Dissemination", Proceedings of the 10th Large Installation Site Administration Conference, pp 1-8, Chicago, IL, 1996.
  • Wrote complete documentation for C and oracle SQL assignments and taught lab section of Computer Science Dept. database course for 2 years.
  • Contributed sections on compilers & network tools to campus VMS documentation sold at bookstore.
International Work
  • Have permit to work in Germany.
  • Fluent Spanish and nearly fluent German.
  • Extensive travel experience in Europe and Central/South America.


B.S., Computer Science (Minor, Political Science), University of California, Davis - June, 1993


Additional client, employment and personal references available upon request.